Did the Oscars award the best story? And… Moon Knight, Ep. 1!

The Story Geeks Show: The Oscars + Moon Knight, Ep. 1

The Story Geeks Show is BACK! On Tuesday, April 5th’s show: Did the Academy get it right? Did the best stories of 2021 win Oscars? We’ll also be reacting and digging deeper into Episode 1 of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe property to hit Disney+: Moon Knight, which stars Oscar Isaac.

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Today’s show is essentially sponsored by the name Oscar. And remember, everything we talk about on today’s show will contain spoilers.

Hosts: Jay Sherer, co-writer of Death of a Bounty Hunter and Timeslingers, and joining Jay: Josh Taylor. You can currently find Josh on the Modern Mouse YouTube channel and podcast feed… and he’s also a regular contributor on the Theme Park Pulse channel.


Josh and I promise not to slap each other while talking about the Oscars. Besides, we’re hear to ask a much deeper question…

  • QUESTION #1: Josh, did your favorite movie of 2021 win an Oscar?
  • QUESTION #2: Every year there’s tension between the Academy and the general audience about what should be in consideration. Why is that? Why doesn’t the Academy resonate with stories that general audiences resonate with?
  • QUESTION #3: Should we care?


We got a brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe show last week: Moon Knight!

  • QUESTION #4: What’d you think of Moon Knight?
  • QUESTION #5: The MCU is following the comics in terms of introducing metaphysical elements. Moon Knight brings Egyptian gods to life (which we also had a minor glimpse of in Black Panther). What do you think about that approach? Should religious characters be utilized in Marvel stories?
  • QUESTION #6: We don’t know what Khonsu’s goal is, but we also know that Khonsu doesn’t respect Steven. He doesn’t even respect Steven’s life. He would be fine if that personality died. At the same time, Arthur Harrow–played by Ethan Hawke–has a belief that Ammit, the Egyptian god he serves, wants to bring about heaven on earth by eliminating evil people. And he tests to see if people are evil with his scales of justice tattoo. Here’s my question: In this series, who is good and what makes those characters good?


This coming Thursday, April 7th, Daryl Smith–original co-host of The Story Geeks podcast–will join Jay to talk about Episode 2 of Moon Knight and we’ll also take a look at the MCU power rankings to try and figure out who the most powerful beings in the MCU are these days.

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